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La Band

Bad Bones, from Cuneo - Italy, have been a band since 2007.

Bad Bones' lineup feature:

Max Bone on vocal,
Serjoe Bone on guitars
Steve Bone on bass and backing vocals
Lele Bone on drums

Bad Bones find great inspiration in classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands. The band’s style clearly evokes the times when Rock and Metal dominated the music scene, with a hard, spontaneous and full of energy style.

The Trio Era: 2007-2011

"Smalltown Brawlers "(Madhouse Music 2008)

"Smalltown Brawlers" new ed. (Red Pony rec .2009)

"Dead Boy" Ep (Red Pony rec, 2009)

"A Family Affair" (Nadir Music 2010)
Bad Bones' journey starts in may 2007 when Steve - Bass/vocals, Lele - Drums and Meku - Guitar/vocals, decided to unify their forces to create a new rough - rock'n'roll power trio ready to set afire every club around, increasing their fan base with hundred of shows around Italy.

I n October 2007 the band recorded their first album "Smalltown Brawlers", self-produced in 2008 and published  in 2009 by Red Pony/Audioglobe with some bonus tracks, like "We want live with Rock'n'roll", to which participated the legendary Italian rock singer Pino Scotto. "Small town Brawlers" gained enthusiastic reports from the most famous italian rock and metal magazines.

The band decide to include all the new tracks and a unreleased one entitled  "Don't let the Spirits get in", in a new Ep printed at the end of 2009.

 According to Metal Maniac magazine, the Bad Bones are the "next big thing of italian hard rock".

Between 2008 and 2009 the band played in Italy, Europe and USA where they got great results and had the chance to play in historic spots in Sunset Strip such as the “Whisky A Go Go” and the “Key Club”.
 They supported important American bands like Youth Brigade or Murphy's Law, they worked together with Rob Michaels (former Goo Goo dolls guitar player) and took part in festival such as "Hollywood rock Convention 2008" and Port Hueneme “Summer Fest” at the Oceanview Pavillon where played the most well known hard rock bands from Los Angeles, among which there were Pretty Boy Floyd and Enuff'z'Nuff.

 Bad Bones played 22 gigs in 2008, and 15 in 2009 in the U. S. A., where they obtained three shows at the world famous Whisky A Go Go club.

Just to give news: the song "Poser", their anthem, had been used by the Cysco Systems multinational informatics company, for an advertising which appeared on the web in 2009.

The band had great work to do in Italy and in Europe and they went on tour with Adam Bomb, glorious guitar player, through Switzerland, Germany and finally Czech Republic. During that summer, the band participated to a series of important rock festivals as supporters to amazing international bands such as Hardcore Superstar, Entombed and Crucified Barbara.

 In 2010, they signed a contract with Nadir Music and consequently they had their second album published: "A family affair", which met with the audience's approval.

 The important webzine assigned them the "Hard Rock Band of the year" award, then the band played at the Italian Gods of metal with the most famous Italian metal bands: Extrema, Labyrinth, Strana Officina, Bulldozer and Sadist. The tour to promote the album lasted the whole year, they played also in France and again in Switzerland and ended in august 2011, at the great stage of the festival “Balla con i Cinghiali” in front of 25.000 people in Savona. That was the last show  for the band as a Power-Trio.

Four Pieces Era 2011-Today

"Snakes and Bones" (Bagana rec. 2012)
"Snakes and Bones" de-luxe ed (Bagana rec. 2014)
"Demolition derby" (Sliptrick Records 2016)

In october 2011, Bad Bones presented Max "Bone" Malmerenda as the singer of the band, so that at that moment Bad Bones turned to be a quartet. With a press release they affirmed their need to look for a new musical challenge as a foursome.

Soon began a new tour through Italy and Europe, till the spring 2012, when Bad Bones concentrated their strength on writing new songs which will form their third eagerly awaited album, Snakes and Bones. The album was released on november 2012 for Bagana Records.
The new album has received enthusiastic reviews from all the most important magazines and websites in Italy, Metal Hammer awarded the album as "Album of the Month" and for lot of journalists that was the best chapter of their artistic production.

The band keeps on touring thourgh 2013, across Italy Europe and USA where they Headline for the first time at the World Famous Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood.
Headlining in ITaly important festivals such as Isola Rock in Verona and Liff Rock Festival .

The song "Am I Walking Alone?"  taken from the "Snakes and Bones" album becomes the soundtrack of the official TV spot for the Italian Light-wieghts Boxe Championship match Di Donato vs Scarpa,broadcasted by the national channel Rai.

In January 2014 Meku Bone decided to leave the band due to personal  and artistic reasons, as announced on Bad Bones'  website Serjo Aschieris joined the family as new guitarist.

The demands for the "Snakes and Bones" album  has been higher then expected from the label so Bagana Records decided to print  a De-Luxe edition of the album, with a new cover  including three bonus-tracks.
To support the" S&B Deluxe ed" the band release  an official video of the Journey's cover "Don't Stop Believin'"  who reached great success among the rock audience and rocked the stage as Steel Panther's special guest in MIlan in front of thousands screaming rock fans.

The "Snakes on the Road Tour 2014/2015"  lead the band in a Baltic tour  in November 2014 and 27 Italian shows until the spring of 2015.

In March 2016 the band start the recordings of their fourth album at Domination Studio in San Marino with producer Simone Mularoni and in April vocals have been recorded and produced by Roberto Tiranti at Gianlupo's Liar studio in Genova, then Mularoni mixed and mastered the album in his studio, in July the band signed a deal with the American label Sliptrick Records and the new album:"Demolition Derby" is released on November 7th in Italy, December 15th in Europe, January 2017 USA and February 2017 Japan. The new album gets great reviews around the world, with its classic '80 style hard rock the band marks a further step forward in their musical journey.

"Rock 'till you drop, Roll with the Bones!"

EXTRA Info's

Steve "Bone" Balocco
was the bass player during the "Total McBrain Damage Tour 2002-2005"  alongside with Iron Maiden's drummer Nicko McBrain, he was former bass player of the italian power metal band White Skull (2003-2007) with whom he recorded the album "Ring of the Ancients" (Dragonheart 2006)

Serjoe "Bone" Aschieris was former guitar player for the band The Rocker  with whom he recorded the self-titled album beside former AC/DC and Dio drummer Simon Wright, he played also in the Italian National AC/DC tribute band who performed with AC/DC drummer Chris Slade
I Bad Bones sono:
  • Max Bone (Max Malmerenda) - voce
  • SerJoe Bone (Sergio Aschieris) - chitarra
  • Steve Bone (Stefano Balocco) - basso, seconda voce
  • Lele Bone (Raffaele Balocco) - batteria